Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

No Art No Street

29 May 2010 - BERLIN
As part of the documentary-film "NO ART NO STREET", 44flavours and Dasein Projekt are organising an artistic performance the 29th of May 2010, where many artists will have their say in the same urban space. The entire event will be filmed and will be used as the framework of the documentary. ///// We would like to warmly welcome all of you to this alternative film set, so that you can meet the artists, the film crew and have good time with us. ///// In the presence of the following artists: Alex + Alsino + KLUB7 + Maki Shimizu + STÖR + 6 + 44flavours and the film crew: Estelle Beauvais + Julio Rölle + Kai Klinke + Sebastian Bagge.

Fotos von Jean-Marie Porté

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  1. Supercoole Aktion! Schade, dass ich nicht da sein konnte. Und die nächsten Wände malen wir in Neukölln an, ja?